Stakeholders in the construction industry
Stakeholders in The Construction industry

Stakeholders in the construction industry or otherwise, are those that might influence the project or be influenced by it or its outputs. It makes good sense for a project team to list these people or organizations, to consider in what way they might influence the project and how much power or influence they might be able to exert.

Who is a Stakeholder?

A stakeholder is any person, team, or organization who is involved or not involved but that can affect, get affected by, or understand itself to be affected by the project, strategy, or programmer.

There are two major types of stakeholders in the construction industry.┬áIt can be classified as “Direct (Internal)” and “Indirect (External)” stakeholders.

Stakeholders in the Construction Industry

Direct StakeholdersIndirect Stakeholders
Clients (Public or Private )Government Authorities
Project Manager/Team Consultation Bodies
Structural engineerDistrict Board
Building service engineerPlanning Authorities
Quantity Surveyor Media
Building SurveyorInstitutional Forces
Hydro-graphic Surveyor Nationalized Industries
Construction ManagerLocal residents/Community
Contracts Manager Local Landowners
Commercial ManagerArchaeologists
Facilities Manager Environmental Regulators
Geo-spatial ModelerCompetitors
Planner Tourists
Town PlannerLabour Union/Association
Cad OperatorTransport and Infrastructure
EstimatorPlanning Authorities
Main contractorWaterways and Coastal Authorities
Sub-contractorsBuilding Control/Regulations
Site SupervisorGeneral Public
Site Foreman

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Client /Employer

A client is a person or organization that invests the money for the constructed structure/building. We called as an owner of the Project/Building. There are two types of clients.

  1. Public
  2. Private

The government is a public client. They are doing public services such as roads, bridges, etc. The main goal of the private client is to earn profit from their investment.

Expectations of Client

  • Completion on Time
  • Quality of the Work
  • On Budget
  • Safe
  • Flexibility


The client may not have enough knowledge of construction, but he would like to invest his money in the construction. Then Client requires an expert person who provides expert advice professionally. As such cases, the client hires a consultant. Such advisors/consultants may include,

  • Project managers
  • Architects (Designers)
  • Engineers (Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical)
  • Quantity Surveyors (Cost Consultants)
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Other persons are having expert knowledge of specific areas.


The Engineer or Employer has accepted the Successful bidders who’s bid to carry out the Works is called as Contractor. They shall do the Work within the Time period as per the Construction Drawings and specifications.



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