Happy Contractor after Tendering Process

Tendering Process in The Construction Industry

Step 01 - Preparation of Tender Document Usually, the tendering process is starting with the preparation of the tender document. This is one of the...
Construction work site

Procurement Systems in Construction : 4 Major Methods

In the construction sector, the Procurement systems are one of the popular terms used in any construction project. Anyhow, do you know what the...
Provisional Sum and calculator

Provisional Sum Meaning and Example in Construction Industry

Provisional Sum - Meaning What is the meaning of provisional sum? Simply, it is a money provision in the construction. In a project, there may...
contingency sum in construction

Contingency Sum in Construction Contracts

What is a Contingency? First of all, we need to understand the general meaning of contingency before explaining the other terms of construction contingency sum...




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