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Prime Cost Sum Meaning and Example in Construction Industry

What is Prime Cost Sum in Bills of Quantities? Prime cost sum in construction (PC or PC sums) is allowing in the contract to provide...
Provisional Sum and calculator

Provisional Sum Meaning and Example in Construction Industry

Provisional Sum - Meaning What is the meaning of provisional sum? Simply, it is a money provision in the construction. In a project, there may...
Happy Contractor after Tendering Process

Tendering Process in The Construction Industry

Step 01 - Preparation of Tender Document Usually, the tendering process is starting with the preparation of the tender document. This is one of the...
Types of Tendering

Types of Tendering in Construction Industry

What is Types of Tendering? Tendering is the process of obtaining valid offers from the prospective tenderers and evaluate & selecting the successful bidder to...
Woman standing on metal bridge - Evolved role of quantity surveyor

Evolved Role of Quantity surveyor in Construction Industry

In the previous article, we discussed the traditional role of the quantity surveyor. Now you are going to study the Evolved Role of the...
role of quantity surveyor 3 peoples people sit together

Role of Quantity Surveyor – Traditional Role

Quantity Surveyor (QS) is a very versatile professional who works in the construction industry due to his ability to perform many roles related to...
Stakeholders in the construction industry

The Main Stakeholders in the Construction Industry

Stakeholders in the construction industry or otherwise, are those that might influence the project or be influenced by it or its outputs. It makes...
Quantity Surveyor role in the construction industry

Quantity Surveyor – Introduction To Quantity Surveying

Who is a Quantity Surveyor? The Quantity Surveyor is a leading internal stakeholder in the construction industry. They have in-depth knowledge of construction costs and...




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